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Web3 investing with global impact

Symbolic Capital is a founder-led investment firm supporting the best web3 projects globally. Our team has founded and led some of the most important blockchain companies in the world, and we leverage this background to provide unparalleled support to the companies in our portfolio.

Founder Focused

Our team has founded and operated some of the most successful blockchain companies in the world. We know the challenges inherent in building category-defining web3 companies. Often, many projects have the right vision and focus to thrive but find themselves constrained by a lack of resources or connections. We at Symbolic recognize that good ideas still need good execution. With this in mind, Symbolic adopts a hands-on approach to investing, offering advisory, recruiting, PR/marketing, and auditing services (among others) to help our portfolio companies grow.

Problem Oriented

We back founders interested in building companies that address customers needs - real, pressing, 'hair on fire' needs. We believe that the success of web3 is predicated on founders first understanding the customer problems they hope to address, and then building products that leverage blockchain technology to solve that problem better than any other possible solution. 

Global Reach

Blockchain development has spread across the globe, expanding far beyond traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley. In the past few years, leading crypto infrastructures and major applications have sprung up all over the world, but for far too long, the VC industry has overlooked founders outside of traditional tech markets. At Symbolic, we're empowering the next generation of emerging founders by investing in promising teams at the earliest stages, no matter their country of origin or background.

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