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Founders helping founders

Symbolic is the first firm in the industry built and founded by web3 founders. We know what it takes to build category-defining web3 companies and now we're committed to using our experience to support the next generation of great web3 founders. We leverage our networks, resources, and founding experience to provide the industry's most comprehensive, web3-specific support to the founders in our portfolio.  

Hear what our founders have to say

"As an entrepreneur building a business on the bleeding-edge of technology in the fast-growing industry of gaming, introductions happen at an unbelievably fast pace. However, it is very rare to meet investors that stand out and truly understand your mission and matched expertise. Sandeep and Kenzi were two of the very first people in the web 3.0 ecosystem that we pitched our project to. They both quickly understood our mission, background, and potential. We have been so lucky to have them on our side, we would not be where we are today without their knowledgeable advice, vast network and careful expertise."


Hugh Behroozy

Founder, CEO of Blinkmoon

"Kenzi and Sandeep were early investors in Astar Network, and choosing them as investors was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my professional career. Symbolic's team is open-minded, insightful, and were always able to give me the advice and guidance I needed to hear when facing the inevitable challenges of creating a successful web3 company. Their deep commitment to the success of Astar in addition to their thought leadership and standing in the web3 community make me feel extremely fortunate to have been able to work with them."


Sota Watanabe

Founder of Astar Network

"Kenzi and Sandeep's feedback on structuring our tokenomics, to the plethora of relevant intros they've made for us make Symbolic stand out as one of the most valuable investors and advisors on our cap table. Not all capital is created equal and so having a team that you can rely on to answer you quickly and provide honest feedback is indispensable."


Chris Gonsalves 

CEO of Community Gaming

"Kenzi and Sandeep have been great value add investors for us at Timeswap. Given that both are founders, they bring a unique perspective and are able to understand the pain points of founders and provide help unlike many other pure financial investors. Having been in the industry for many years, they have a deep network that we have been able to tap into for a variety of situations and needs. Above all they've been genuine partners in our growth cheering us on through both good times and more importantly during tougher times. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to earn their trust and work with them on a regular basis. We would highly recommend them to mission driven founders as they navigate the web3 space."


Ameeth Devadas

Co-Founder of Timeswap Labs

"Symbolic Capital has been a key partner of Planet Mojo from the very beginning - providing guidance, making introductions and helping us navigate ever-changing market conditions. Kenzi and Sandeep have deep, first-hand understanding of how to grow a company from the early phases into a multi-billion dollar unicorn."


Mike Levine

Founder of Planet Mojo

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