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Why We Invested: dappOS

Updated: Aug 14

Symbolic Capital is delighted to announce our investment in dappOS, a groundbreaking technology that simplifies the world of decentralized applications. We are proud to support dappOS' journey in revolutionizing web3 adoption for the next billion users.

The Project

dappOS is the industry's first web3 unified operating protocol that simplifies the usage of dapps by providing a seamless user experience while eliminating the need to switch between different blockchain networks. Currently, barriers such as recovery phrases that risk permanent account loss, web3 fragmentation that forces users to manually manage assets across multiple dapps, and the complexity of workflows impede easy interaction with crypto infrastructure. dappOS addresses these critical pain points by offering a user-centric multi-part solution. The dappOS Account provides multiple recovery methods for user access, while the dappOS Network enables seamless transactions from virtual wallets on multiple chains. This operating protocol prioritizes security, safety, and decentralization through features that adopt DPOS consensus, pass security audits, and protect user assets.

dappOS has established a strong foothold in the market with over 50 partners onboarded and a vibrant online presence. As their traction shows, dappOS has immense potential to transform user experiences in web3 and catalyze the broader adoption of blockchain technology. Recently, dappOS unveiled its V2 product roadmap; dappOS will support Curve, DeFi Kingdom, Frax Finance, GMX, KyberSwap, Lido, and QuickSwap among many other protocols in their first batch of projects to integrate dappOS V2.

Given our own firm’s commitment to supporting projects accelerating the web2 to web3 transition, investing in dappOS was an easy decision for us.


We firmly believe that the dappOS team’s diverse set of skills and experiences uniquely qualify them to scale this venture. The founder of dappOS was previously the CTO of a leading crypto company and has demonstrated his competency and grit as a second time web3 founder, values that also run in our firm’s DNA.

However, being a repeat founder isn’t the only connection Symbolic shares with dappOS.

The dappOS team and both of our GPs, Kenzi Wang and Sandeep Nailwal, all went through Binance Labs, lending us a unique shared experience within the world of web3 entrepreneurship.

This, coupled with their prior successes as web3 founders, solidifies our confidence in the dappOS team as the unequivocal choice for spearheading this effort.


Symbolic is proud to participate in dappOS’s Seed round alongside great firms like Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, Binance Labs, and others, valuing the project at $50m.

Learn more about dappOS here.


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